Our Team

Bill Murphy headshot in black and white

Bill Murphy, PhD

& Principal Investigator

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Undergrad 7

Nicole Foley, PhD

Research Scientist
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Andrew Harris headshot in black and white

Andrew Harris

PhD Student


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Isabella Childers headshot in black and white

Isabella Childers

PhD Student


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Andrew Harris headshot in black and white

Emmarie Alexander

PhD Student


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Andrew Harris headshot in black and white

Jim Neugebauer

co-advised PhD Student with Dr. Mike Tewes at TAMU Kingsville


Undergraduate Researchers


Each semester, the lab plays host to one or more teams of undergraduate researchers in association with the Aggie Research Program. Recruitment begins before the start of each semester. Students can participate on a voluntary basis or as part of research credit. Interested students should check out the Aggie Research Program Website for details on how to get involved and available projects.

Undergrad 1

Honors Research Thesis Undergraduates

Richie Rasulis

Undergraduate Researcher

Richie initially joined the lab through the ARP program and began his bioinformatic training generating recombination maps for Blue Whales and Wolves. This year Richie joined the lab to work towards an honors research thesis. For his thesis Richie will look at ancestry dynamics in a population of Savannah Cat (Serval x Domestic Cat) hybrids.

Aggie Research Program 2023 – Team zooCONDELs


Zoya Wani, Julia Arukakkal, Arjun Bhowmik, Hao Mai, Emily Baker and Sid Arora

This semester, the team set out to understand what happens when deletions occur in ultra-conserved regions of mammalian genomes. The team will use a bioinformatic approach to determine if these Zoonomia conserved deletions (zooConDels) result in phenotypic differences among clades of mammals (L-R: Hao, Zoya, Sid, Emily, Arjun & Julia).

Undergrad 1

Former Lab Members/Alumni

Postdoctoral Researchers:
Gang Li – Postdoctoral Research Associate
Jan Janecka – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Emma Teeling – NIH IRTA Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Associates:
Jinhong Wang, M.S.
Alison Pearks-Wilkerson, M.S.

Former Graduate students/Co-advisees:  
Kevin Bredemeyer – Ph.D. student (TAMU Genetics)
Alexandra Myers – Ph.D. student (TAMU BIMS/DVM)
Wesley Brashear – Ph.D. student (TAMU Genetics)
Victor Mason – Ph.D. student (TAMU Genetics)
Brian Davis – Ph.D. student (TAMU Genetics)
Brian Davis – M.S. student (TAMU BIMS)
Nuria Vazquez-Salat – M.S. student (NCI/Hood College)
Shan Sun – M.S. student (NCI/George Mason Univ.)

Undergraduate/Intern Students:

Srushti Gaikaiwari
Christian De Los Santos
Thao Ho
Ramya Bathala
Trevor Martinez
Sebastian Archard
Melinda Clark
Justin Rowe
Kristen Niekamp
David Montalvo
Jinhong Wang
Colton Wayne
Elissa Chapkin
Jonathan Bravo

Elizabeth Castleberry
Jacob Hammond
Varun Naik
Adriana Martinez
Jessie DiCarlo
Max Brown
Derek Siedel
Breanne Harty
Amanda Padilla

Elizabeth Kennedy
Dustin Dwiggins
Angela Love
Anisha Jambhekar
Dustin Dwiggins
Roxana Bridges
Colleen Fisher
David Dies
Tess Crider

Nicole Crumpler
Evir Goldman
Meghan Kessler
Jason Morris
Clarence Smith
Jilliana Minchoff
Deborah Hirschmann
Jennifer Tabler