We recently welcomed a new postdoctoral associate to the lab, Dr. Nicole Foley. Nicole obtained her Ph.D. at Emma Teeling’s Bat Lab in University College Dublin, where she worked on the role of telomeres in bat aging. Nicole is currently studying the role of recombination, hybridization and chromosome evolution in mammalian phylogenomics, as part of a new 3-year NSF award to improve phylogenetic inference.

Former graduate student Victor Mason’s paper on Comparative Southeast Asian Biogeography was just published in the Journal of Heredity. His paper describes the application of genomic tools to museum specimens to infer the evolutionary history and phylogeography of several forest-dependent mammals: Sunda colugos, lesser and greater mouse deer, and Sunda pangolins. This work was performed in collaboration with Dr. Kris Helgen, University of Adelaide.