Some of the highest quality genome assemblies have been generated from parent/offspring trio-binning approaches. Recently, in the Journal of Heredity, we published among the most continuous vertebrate genome assemblies using a similar approach applied to a F1 hybrid of a domestic cat and and Asian leopard cat. Check out our genome stats!

The Zoonomia Project is an international collaboration to discover the genomic basis of shared and specialized traits in mammals. A recent paper in Nature describes the initial analysis of 240 genomes representing more than 80% of placental mammal families, including 122 newly sequenced species. As part of the Zoonomia Project, we will use this dataset to address phylogenomic questions relating to the radiation of placental mammals.

On the Christmas Sweater front, we had a huge win in the Murphy Lab this Holiday Season! We took first place in the CVMBS Virtual Faculty & Staff Sweater Competition. We welcome all contenders for 2021!